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Conor Metz
Child of Deliverance
C.W. Metz, author
Nina Simonova is twelve years old and struggling with Brooklyn life in 1996. She has few friends and her home life is a mess. Her parents always seem locked in an eternal argument that makes her feel practically invisible. After saving the life of a homeless woman, Nina confesses her problems and wishes her parents would disappear. Much to her shock, this actually comes to pass. It seems the homeless woman was more than she appeared and with Nina suddenly regretting the decision, she begs the woman to reverse her spell. But it’s too late, her parents have been sent to the land of Orogos and Nina must journey there if she ever wants to see them again. With nothing but the clothes on her back, Nina takes the plunge and journeys to this strange land filled with monsters and magic. She must find her courage and team up with an aging warrior to find her parents, who have been kidnapped by terrifying creatures that plague the land.