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Choosing Light
Viral Dalal, author
In January 2001, 25-year-old Viral Dalal was vacationing in India when a catastrophic 7.7 magnitude earthquake devastated the city of Bhuj, destroying the high-rise building where he and his family were staying. His father, mother, brother, sister-in-law and 2 year old nephew were killed during the event, leaving Dalal alive yet trapped in a concrete box. Finally rescued five days later, he found himself facing not only a life irrevocably changed by tragedy and loss, but with a new sense of purpose and meaning for the future. Choosing Light: When an Earthquake Buried Me and My Family for 5 Days, I Learned to Fully Live is Dalal’s powerful memoir in which he retells this remarkable story of death, hope, survival and ultimately rebirth. This first-person harrowing tale is a story of choosing to live, of doing whatever was necessary to survive, including drinking his own urine. But ultimately, it’s a story of awakening and how the power of hope and inspiration is the key to our happiness.