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Tim Spiess
Christianity: A Successful Failure, Finding Light in an Age of Darkness
Tim Spiess, author
Quite simply, this book is the ultimate expose on the world’s largest and most popular religion from an 'insider' who participated in Christianity for many years. This book provides a compelling and insightful narrative and analysis of why Christianity is a ‘successful failure’, meaning it is successful according to one standard, and a failure according to another. The standard that considers it a success would be normal world/societal measures like wealth/resource possession and control, and people controlled. The standard that considers it a failure would be the One whom the Christian’s point to as their God, Jesus of Nazareth. The book holistically, yet in simplicity and using non-complex language, puts forth the best world view possible for humanity. It starts with common existential issues that every human being faces, and builds a framework to critique Christianity’s world view, beliefs and practices. The author uses many creative, interesting and insightful analogies and metaphors to reveal that which is the successful failure. The author uses reason, logic and observation to demonstrate that many of the key, primary and foundational beliefs and practices of Christianity, not only have nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth, but actually nullify and cancel out his most important teachings. This book goes well beyond religious concepts and movements like the reformation, and seeks to bring a significant paradigm change to people’s view of God and this life we are given. The corresponding web site is , which url tells you something important about the goal and potential of the book. While the book spends a significant amount of time revealing Christianity’s errors and failures, it closes with a section entitled, “The Solution”, which section lays out a clear plan for change…for the solution that human kind desperately needs to solve conflict and turmoil. This author has somehow escaped most of the boxes that people live in and view life through, has risen above and has produced a truly unique and insightful work that has the potential to bring desperately needed change to many people.