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Robert J. Thayer
Author, Illustrator, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
Chronicles of the Kwedake Dikep: A Timeline of the Indian Spring on the Hill TL of 2014
Chronicle TL of 2014 describes the American political 'entity' of 2014 concerning the possibility of a Second Constitutional Convention. A timeline for various history, culture and election factors analyzes the Preamble's six covenants of Justice, Tranquility, Common Defense, General Welfare, Liberty and our Posterity in terms of what it would take to hold a Second Convention on healthcare or wellbeing (total health enhancement) and the ramifications of current health 'systems'. Many small items of the TimeLine are taken from day to day opinions of people in the media and attempts to relate them to the Constitution. Sadly, not everything comes out as consistent with the Preamble's covenants.