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A T Veatch
City of Thicket
A T Veatch, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Have you ever been given a choice that could make or break your perception of reality? If every other choice is the wrong answer, who could you trust? What if you were forced to start again? What if you could have the means to immortality? What would you do to save the ones you love? Do you know the tale of the man who tried to live forever? Sixteen years ago, Oscar Sunder's life was erased. Today, Oscar is on the cusp of loosing everything again. Grandfathered to the technology that will re-imagine a way for humans to live forever, Oscar will bare witness to the potential of his creation when held in the wrong hands. The city of Thicket may fall if Oscar runs out of time. Having lost his family to the treachery of the Silver Collar Society, the only government promising to preserve the human population on a desert planet, Oscar sets out for answers. With the legend of the immortal man spinning taller each day, what would stop someone from using the Comp-cube against the people of Thicket? Sixteen years of unlicensed bio-engineering may have given him a profitable reputation, but when news of his wife surfaces, Oscar must face the painful errors of his past. In an era when memories are traded and erased, everyone is capable of second chances. One man can stumble without something to believe. One woman can make a difference. One decision to save a life can kill the lives of millions when one flaw can break the rules. In salvaging the last stronghold in existence, Oscar is about to be given a choice. “City of Thicket” is the first dystopian novel in the futuristic trilogy by author, A T Veatch.