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E.R Johnson
Clockwork stars
E.R Johnson, author
It came without warning and left devastation in its path. It took the people, their homes and left the skies blazing red. It was a war, a destruction of the entire city, that thrust the world into unorderly chaos. In a dying world, New Earth was supposed to be the last chance at survival, and for a while it was. For a long time its citizens lived safely within the new empire that their ancestors built, under the strict guidance, order and protection of its parliament. Now everything is gone. Astra believes she is the only survivor. She's lost her family and friends and been thrown into an alien world where everyday is a fight for survival. Journeying through a ghost town, her hopes are fading. Flynn has escaped from a military camp where he once served as a soldier under parliament’s strict control and orders. He's been running from the enemy all his life, and he runs from his past demons still. Something isn’t right--hundreds of people can’t just disappear overnight, can they?