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  • 10/2011
  • 10 pages
  • $0.00
Matt McAvoy
Author, Service Provider
Matt McAvoy, author

Imagine you're falling; flipping over and over through the sky - not in a dream, but in startling reality. A loud bang then nothing... nothing but the wind rushing past you and the sound of your own terrified screaming. You pray, desperately pray for salvation - death, madness, or a miracle in that welcoming bed of clouds. 

Scream and pray - you have nothing else.


I spotted this on Amazon as a free download. Seeing it was only 10 pages long, I thought why not, and nabbed this puppy.
Being only 10 pages, I figured it would be quick and over. Those 10 pages felt like an eternity!
Imagine waking up and you're falling. Falling from the sky. The rate of your fall causes the friction to rip at you, trying to tear out your hair and rip off your eyelids. It's freezing cold, so cold it burns. Have you ever felt that burning sensation when your hands are wet and freezing? Imagine feeling that all over your body.
Your body tumbles from the sky in an out of control descent, making it hard to tell if you're falling up or down to the clouds that are looming closer. And you have no parachute!
You have the insane hope the clouds will buffer your fall, maybe cradle you. It's irrational, but your mind races for a solution, a way to change the inevitable.
Most people have had that dream where you're falling and you jerk awake before you hit the ground. That's how I felt while reading Clouds, but I couldn't wake up, I didn't wake up.
If you're looking for a quick, intense story, I recommend you grab Clouds. There are no wasted words, it's well written, and don't you want to know how this could happen and what the end is?

Mama Stewie

I didn't read the blurb before picking this short story up on my kindle. But it became very clear that something unusual was going on. This poor guy is definitely falling, and thinking a million thoughts a second, revisiting regrets, loves and was in complete agony over what was coming. The entire time, I was thinking... this must be a hell of a nasty dream, and this guy is going to wake up! But the reality was very different. Once I realized what was really happening, the story impacted me on a much more emotional level. I do confess my eyes watered reading this one. Well written, riveting, and incredibly heart breaking!

Richard Bunning

A worry that many have of flying- which has unfortunately happened. Can it happen like this? Well, yes, these experiences are partially reported from the few that defied the Reaper. We need to remember than this experience is a one in a million. Have you ever had a time stands still sort of experience- here, the speed of your reading alters the speed of a final drama. Well written—fast forward.
A short story to read in trains not planes. It started like a dream, never thought it would end like this.

Vine Voice

Clouds by Matt McAvoy is a shocking revelation. I was expecting a supernatural story, but the reality is far more terrifying. This story is a situation that we've all seen in the headlines at least once in our lives, but I doubt any of us have ever thought of this perspective. McAvoy is creative in the most horrifying way.

Ebook Details
  • 10/2011
  • 10 pages
  • $0.00