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Mark A Dean
Cold Havana Tomb
Mark A Dean, author
For over-worked Manhattan lawyer Martha Warren, taking the ashes of her Cuban uncle to Havana for burial was not supposed to end in a searing examination of her life choices. When Manolo wrote to her from Miami shortly before he died, she agreed to help, driven by the need to reconcile losses of her own. Now, staring down into the cold darkness of his tomb, Martha learns the most valuable lesson of her life – that what she has doesn’t matter. And what she doesn’t have – the white-hot love of a family – is an emptiness she must fill. In Havana, she meets Manolo’s cousin, Piedad, the one family member who stayed to fight for the revolution. She also hires a driver named Orlando, a single father with two children, who becomes something more than a driver. And she finds that a dark secret from her own American family has followed her to Cuba. Cold Havana Tomb is based on a true story. ‘Lovely and lyrical’ Nicole Bokat. Author of Redeeming Eve