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John Nesling
Cold War and Beyond, A Bystander's Perception
John Nesling, author
\tCold War and Beyond, a Bystander's Perception. Author and publisher: John Nesling. Copyright 2014. ISBN 978-0-9937401-0-7 \tA description of my book from the back cover is as follows: \t\tThis essay covers some Geo-political aspects of the period between 1945 and 2008, thus including the beginning of the Cold War, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the American Housing Crisis. \tIt assumes that a person living in the democratic Western World and paying a little attention to unfolding events through the medium of television, radio and newspaper would have noticed, however fleetingly, all the acronyms and anomalies recorded in the early chapters. \tThe same person given to reflection might also have noticed how the affairs of man seldom, if ever, turn out as they should, and that good and evil are always inescapably intertwined. Some of the later chapters are an attempt to come to terms with these opposites by denying ourselves the luxury of a scapegoat. \tThe final chapter attempts to point out that the economic collapse of 2008 was the inevitable consequence of our human nature and, as such, better explained by ancient biblical wisdom and biological fact, and not through conventional economic theory. It is intended as a moral, philosophical statement. \tThis book is a slim volume of 32,500 words \t At present the book is available only from me or my printer, and there are copies in the Vancouver Island Regional Library \t Sincerely. John Nesling \t