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Cole's Perfect Puppy

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Cole's Perfect Puppy is intended as the first in a series of "Perfect Puppy" novels filled with action, moral concepts, and, of course – puppies! Cole's perfect puppy is a red, golden retriever named Scarlet. When he sees her at the pet store, it is love at first sight. Cole wants Scarlet for Christmas, but gets a pot-bellied pig instead. Disappointed, he goes to work at the pet store to earn money to buy Scarlet. At the mall, he makes a new friend, Rachel, a poor girl who is teased by her classmates. Rachel teaches Cole and his younger brother, Caleb, new aspects of friendship, sacrifice, and God's perfect love. It is intended for Children 6-12 and includes a discussion guide.
Newcomer Crossno introduces a boy named Cole, who adores Scarlett, a golden retriever puppy for sale at the mall pet store. Cole jumps at an offer to work as an assistant at the store, where he can earn enough money to buy Scarlett. The plot proceeds slowly until the dramatic final chapters, when Cole’s photographer parents go missing abroad, and the pet store unexpectedly closes. Tender scenes involving Cole, his younger brother, and a new friend are a highlight, but the dialogue and narration tend to be robotic; although the cost of pets is central to the story, options like shelter adoption are never discussed. Crossno incorporates an evangelical Christian subplot, and religious discussion questions are included. Ages 6–12. (BookLife)