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Confessions of a Penitent Man(R) Part 1 - The Beginning - --Part 2 - Reckoning
Born on the Bayou, Tommy grew up following 3 'Man' Codes: 1) Never touch another man's kids or dog without permission. (2) Never touch another man's boat or truck without permission and (3) Never, Ever touch another man's wife or girlfriend without permission. Patterson had broken Rule #3. He hurt Alyson and had to pay, but does he have to die for what he did Tommy wondered. Alyson watched her husband through the patio door, even if he said 'no' she had a Plan B in place... Please allow me a moment to thank those brave African-American men and women who shared their opinions regarding race relations in the United States while I researched material for this book. CAUTION! The African-American Men and Women I spoke to were very BLUNT. I apologize if their opinions upset some readers. It is not my intent to upset anyone, however, their input was vital to the book’s storyline and therefore necessary. “Confessions of a Penitent Man®” combines’ Romance with Erotica; Crime Mystery with Horror. In the genres’ of: Crime, Detective, Drama, Erotic, Horror, Whodunit, Murder Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Slasher, Southern, Suspense and Thriller Fiction. Get 1600+ Kindle Ebooks FREE with purchase - details in the books.