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A child is missing. Someone in Atlanta, Georgia is playing God. "Rarely does a written story give me pause as this novel has." Lillie Parrish has gone missing, In the past ten years, numerous cases of abducted children have been reported. But with no evidence left behind, and no witnesses who came forward, the Atlanta police are baffled. The hunt is on but there is little time to find the child before something is taken from Lillie she will never have back. What reviewers are saying: "The villain is so well written that you understand him, knowing that no one is all bad or all good. He's evil, yet you see the reason. From the gripping beginning to the surprising end, you'll find yourself hating to put this one down." - Bestselling author Jerilyn Dufresne "Shursen pens yet another complicated yet heartwarming thriller about the Parrish family of Georgia." "As all the pieces fall into place the ending has your mouth hanging open saying, "I never saw that coming!" "Shursen took a controversial topic and voiced herself beautifully as she penned the story of the Parrish family from Justyce, Georgia." "I have read all of this authors' books I have been knocked over with each one." "Once again, Shursen's creativity, writing abilities, and research make for a fast-paced, exciting and fun read." "Well-written story with lots of great characters."