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Judy Henry
Corey's Peaceful Heart
Judy Henry, author
When Corey wakes, he knows something is missing. Uh Oh! He has to have it in time for school. Is it a buzzy bee or a big brown bear? Will he find it in the bathtub or under the bed? In this engaging story for 3-7-year-olds, readers search with Corey until he discovers what makes his heart smile. Corey’s discovery will make readers’ hearts smile, too. Corey’s Peaceful Heart follows HeartMath’s Shift and Shine Technique® for strengthening positive feelings and coping skills in children.
Carolyn Janson, MA, Certified HeartMath® trainer and coach, educator, and grand

“Children, parents and teachers are sure to fall in love with Corey’s Peaceful Heart.  Through this sweet story, we discover a simple and effective way to bring more peace into our lives, families, classrooms, and world . . .one heart at a time!  May all beings find their peaceful hearts”