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Cowboy Up! Life Lessons from Lazy B

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

Alan Day's short stories reflect on the everyday life of the cowboy, with all its trials and tribulations. H. Alan Day, an award-winning author and American cowboy, who grew up on a 200,000-acre southwestern cattle ranch, made a hand at age five, and lived adventures most of us only witness on Netflix. While interacting with cowhands, horses, and the land, Alan learned valuable life lessons about loyalty, trust, humility, forgiveness, persistence, failure, innovation, and success. Day, who grew up on a 200,000-acre cattle ranch in the high desert of Arizona, shares his hard-earned wisdom with those who may never own or even ride a horse, much less rope a cow, train a wild mustang, or witch a well, but who, like the author contend day-in and day-out with the true grit of life. COWBOY UP! is a collection of thirty-five personal stories narrated by Alan Day in his authentic western voice.