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Hardcover Details
  • 04/2005
  • 978-0-9667291-3-9
  • 72 pages
  • $45.95
Creative Abundance: Artful Possibilities

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

Creative Abundance beautifully nourishes your fondest dreams through love, hope, and courage.  In Aliza's brilliant masterpiece of art and prose, she expresses several eternal truths. One, that your presence may positively impact others. Another, that life is about sharing your unique gifts and talents. And most importantly, by aspiring to be loving and compassionate, you can experience the beauty of heaven on earth.

Thank you very much for your faithful support.  A portion of proceeds will benefit fine arts, educational, and humanitarian programs.  Together, we are creating a brighter community!

A TREASURED GIFT!  Exceptional Quality, Full Color, Gallery Sized (11.5 x 13.25), Coffee-table Art Books (Limited Quantities Available)  We encourage you to BUY NOW!  STAY INSPIRED!  

ISBN 978-0-9667291-3-9   List $49.95,,

Excerpt: Loving your dream opens many doors to creativity.  When you shine unconditional love on your dream, the creative process becomes a magical journey.  You can express yourself in more tender and compassionate ways. - Aliza McCracken

Agape Press

A sweet testament to the power of love . . . Creative Abundance radiates dynamic creative power.

Arts Forum

Aliza McCracken's artistry represents the perfect balance of spirit and expression, of the way inner and outer beauty combine to form radiance.  And that's why she's so inspiring.  What makes her beautiful, is what makes her human.

Awareness Magazine

Cultivating the art of living is a beautiful possibility.  To raise one's consciousness, while becoming more loving, compassionate and generous is the essence of life.  And in this artistic book, McCracken shares her heartwarming expressions for the soul.  It is a uniquely enlightening work of art that affirms who we are as human and spiritual beings.  Embrace and celebrate the treasure of life's passion and purpose.

ECHOES Magazine

Aliza McCracken is a person you feel immediately drawn to -- a rare soul with the true ability, despite her busy schedule, to make one feel special and important.  Words such as humility and grace fit perfectly for this angelic beauty.

Called a Contemporary Artist, the term doesn't even begin to describe her ethereal yet grounded style that soars as it speaks deeply to our hearts.

Julie Hornback, M.A., CCC-SLP; Speech-Language Pathologist

Aliza McCracken has proven, once again, that she is truly 'an expression of divine creativity, worthy of all the honor bestowed upon masterpieces.'  The colors in her book, Creative Abundance: Artful Possibilities, are warm and vibrant; the artwork and writings are beautiful and inspiring.  This book challenges us to create a more beautiful, better world by treating each other with authentic respect.  It encourages us to humbly live our lives with the knowledge that we are God's beloved.  It reminds us to celebrate our unique talents and to live lives of purpose and intention.

Kathy Juline, Writer

Your books are truly beautiful!  You are a very gifted artist and a lovely spirit!

Michael Gerard, Educator

These books are wonderfully therapeutic.  They are very soothing.  The artful combination of prose and colors help one feel more centered and relaxed.

Montecito Journal

Exceptional books.  They are quite sublime, and you will treasure them.

OH! Magazine (Optimum Health)

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Paint the Night

Thank you so much for giving me your book.  It has been such a blessing to me.  Please continue to be kind and an inspiration to others.  God has really worked through your life, and he will continue to provide miracles.

Santa Barbara Family & Life Magazine

They make great gifts for yourself or someone special.

Science of Mind Magazine - Guide for Spiritual Living

GREAT READ . . . This is a beautiful coffee table art book designed for contemplation and inspiration.  Aliza McCracken combines lively colorful images with verse and affirmations to invoke the creative, dreaming spirit in us all.  As she writes, 'Our Creative essence is timeless and indefinable.  When we look beyond appearances, we will discover the essence of who we truly are . . . a loving, joyful being who is magnificent beyond compare.'  It is the type of book you can open for quick inspiration and find yourself drawn into, absorbing the gentle messages.  McCracken is a Vietnamese orphan who was adopted into an American family.  She feels those experiences have made her a more loving and compassionate person.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  


In the world of art, Aliza McCracken is the exception: always kind and gracious to everyone.  Through Creative Abundance, she engages the heart of humanity, encouraging us to live our highest aspirations.

Today's Christian Magazine

In her enchanting books of art and poetry, including Spirit of Joy and Creative Abundance, you can feel the joy of the season.

Hardcover Details
  • 04/2005
  • 978-0-9667291-3-9
  • 72 pages
  • $45.95