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Heidi Amore
Author, Editor (anthology)
Cross Trained
H. Amore, author

When life's scales tip in any given direction, knowing who you are and who you belong to, make all the difference. Caleb Cohen has returned to Colter Bay Wyoming for a year-long internship that will secure him a position as a forest ranger for the National Park System. His life-long goal lay at his fingertips. The prettiest girl in the Bay wears his ring, and they need only wait for her eighteenth birthday before they say their vows. He walked in God's favor; he knew it and appreciated the grace afforded to him. An investigation of a small engine plane crash, on his final run as a search and rescue provider in the Grand Tetons leaves him face to face with the lifeless eyes of his beloved’s father and the realization that Carrie is missing...

Release of Sequel

Deliberate Distance Colter bay Series Book II scheduled to be released in June 2015 by Stonebridge pulications