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Damaged Goods

Adult; Romance; (Market)

“DAMAGED GOODS,” chronicles a story about Jason, a young man who starts his last year in high school in 1986 which collides with his coming of age desires. During high school he lives up to the jock reputation but after graduation he starts peeking out from within his closet doors having his first man on man experience with someone quite unexpected. Once Jason goes to college he instantly finds himself quickly falling for one of those first semester flings in a jock named Toby, who continually professed to be straight but with whom he could discreetly continue satisfying his carnal desires. However, Toby soon gains an uncontrollable stronghold on Jason’s heart although Toby still refuses to label himself as gay, maintains that he’s straight and that Jason is just someone with whom he can discreetly have sex with for now and that it surely wouldn’t continue long term. That first summer together brings with it a whole host of turmoil and difficult decisions as well as one hell of a tragedy. But the two manage to return to school and forge ahead with their athletic and academic careers in spite of everything and they remained best friends. Questions of family, friendship, love and lust permanently encircle the two men as they journey on down this thing called life. Peril, adversity, hardship and misfortune constantly bombard them up to a breaking point. With an unusual and non-traditional love growing for each other, are the bonds strong enough to see them through? Will they bounce back? Can they survive this latest tragedy? Or will having become ‘Damaged Goods’ be too much for anybody to survive? (NOTE: Contains Adult Content)

By Bryce McKay on May 1, 2016

Fantastic Book. Set in the 80's, Damaged Goods, involves a timeless love story between two men set against the backdrop of the HIV/AIDS crisis. The book takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through sweet and tender love through some really disturbing rough times and back again. For this authors second novel (after BARSTOWE) Michael Sebastian seems talented and diverse in his ability to tell a great story. I can't wait for the follow-up to BARSTOWE to be release. After a little research, I found the authors website at [...] Check it out!