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Ebook Details
  • 11/2014
  • B004KZOPR0
  • 310 pages
  • $2.99
Dark Running

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

The world is a dark place. If magic was used openly and effectively – as effectively as medicine or technology – who would investigate crime when magic is the culprit? Welcome to the world of Artemus Dark. Magicians, witches, psychics, astrologers – all the professions of the netherworld can be learned and provided degrees at prestigious universities and societies. Artemus Dark is a bold and devil-may-care psychic investigator on the trail of evil even as he enjoys the celebrity of being the top of his profession. Yes. Artemus is a star in the occult world around him. Dark Running is the first novel in an urban fantasy series that is Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons meets Delano and Ennis’ Hellblazer graphic novels. In a world where black magic is real, Artemus is a paranormal investigator without a gun confronting demons, sorcerers and ghosts in a barrage of cases that often – literally – are to die for.
Words With JAM

Dark Running by M Cid D’Angelo

Review by Gillian Hamer


Anyone who includes in their pitch –

in a world where black magic is real …

paranormal investigator … demons, sorcerers

and ghosts - had me from hello. This is the

kind of book I’d love to write, but don’t have

the balls to pull off.


Professor Artemus Dark is one hell of a lead. Super-star ghost-hunter: director of applied metaphysics: paranormal investigator. He drives a Maserati, wouldn’t be seen dead without his designer labels, and talks like someone from the cast of Glee while having the mental prowess of Stephen Hawking. Wow. One cool dude.

The book opens with the murder of Artemus’s brother, Philip, a less gregarious member of the family – or at least those were our first impressions. However, it soon becomes clear Philip had many secrets of his own; a major player in a secret sorcery society called the Rising Moon and a penchant for some rather bizarre sexual practices among his claims to fame.

Philip leaves a code word for Artemus before he dies – Trismegistus - and although the brothers are not close, Artemus goes on a mission to trap his brother’s murderer.

We’re taken on a high-action, fast-paced ride through demons and hexes, sorcerers and psychics, from New York to New Orleans to Malta – and back again.

The book is a roller coaster ride of energy. Artemus realises early on in his adventure he has been hexed, and not only

has he unknown enemies watching his every move, but also a dangerous nether-demon who can appear at any moment and wipe him from the planet.

When you have a moment to catch your breath, it’s nice to take a step back and admire the amount of work the author has taken to craft this novel. The plotting, research, and attention to detail are phenomenal and show a work ethic and love of craft that deserves success. Personal highlights for me were the historical links to heretics, the interesting archaeological dig and the fascinating insight into the Dark family history.

We’re also treated to some wonderful characterisation. Not only the originality of Artemus, but some finely-crafted lesser roles too. Constanza Van Dyke and Esphme among my favourites. There’s an interesting balance between good guys and bad – and right up to the final pages it’s never clear which way the balance will shift. An absolutely gripping read right to the finale – although I was proud that from a crime writer’s perspective I did guess two of the reveals along the way.

And personally, I look forward to meeting Artemus Dark again one day.

Artemus Dark is Re-Released in Dark Running Novel

Dark Running, the first of two noir novels concerning a wisecracking paranormal investigator, has been re-released on Amazon Kindle.Having been described as a "Harry Potter for adults" by editors at Simon & Schuster and Ace/Penguin, the novel explores a world where black magic is as common and lauded as professional services such as law and medicine.Dark Running and its companion volume, Darkness Becomes You, can be found on Amazon for immediate download.

Ebook Details
  • 11/2014
  • B004KZOPR0
  • 310 pages
  • $2.99