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Deadly Focus
Sue Hinkin, author
L.A. photojournalist Lucy Vega’s beloved uncle plunges to his death in a Malibu canyon car wreck. The coroner calls it an accident, but when a Los Angeles County homicide detective and the chief of the counter-terrorism unit appear at the scene, Lucy and reporter Bea Middleton, suspect other terrifying possibilities.
Colorado Book Review


“Lucy and her wild, page-turning exploits will definitely satisfy those looking for a story chock-full of adventure and chicanery with a tough, tenacious, and tender heroine at its heart.”

--Colorado Book Review




“Hinkin, a former TV news photographer, skillfully portrays irredeemable characters as well as likable but flawed ones in this first installment of the Vega and Middleton Mystery series. There’s a healthy mix of ethnicities, ages, and religions (at the news station’s holiday party, the executive playing Santa alternates his red cap with a blue yarmulke). Descriptions are vivid; a line of taillights becomes “a blood red trail creeping east.” An exciting series opener that delivers murder, drugs, and romance.” --Kirkus Review