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Neena Speer
Dear Future Lawyer: An Intimate Survival Guide For The Minority Female Law Student
Neena Speer, author
The road to becoming a lawyer is hella difficult, especially for minority women. So I recorded my raw, authentic experiences as well as provided you with tools that you can apply to your law school and life journey. I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable asking for help when you really need it. Especially when you are the only one in your family that decided to pursue a career in law. I know what it feels like to not want to raise your hand in class when you are confused for fear of looking stupid or when you have applied to countless jobs and have yet to hear a call back for the one you really want. I know what it feels like to pick up the phone and want to call someone to vent about how much law school sucks and not having anyone who understands or likes to hear your repeated rants. I also know what it feels like to struggle with becoming skilled in this profession. I struggled in school to make friends, with grades and my first time taking the bar, but I am here to tell you through my story that it is possible to triumph! My hope is that you see yourself in some of the struggles described in this book and learn just what I wish someone had told me before I decided to be a lawyer. It was not easy, but I can honestly say now that every temporary defeat was worth it! Get this interactive, empowerment law guide and journal today!