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Dear Mr Albert, ...It's Me, Prince!
Have you ever wondered what your dog would say, if he could speak? Well… think no longer! "PRINCE THE DOG" is no normal dog. He has had some crazy life adventures and wants to tell you all about them. His life began in a doggy-training program. He was training to help disabled veterans. But then he became very sick and never saw his trainer Mr. Albert again. Prince knew Mr. Albert wanted to hear from him, so he started writing him letters. Prince writes about how he ended up being adopted by the best family ever. They take care of his special needs and live in a cool neighborhood in Florida! Dear Mr. Albert, …It's Me, Prince! is the first book in a series for readers fourth grade and above. If you and your children love dogs, action, and LOL (laughing out loud) they will be waiting on the edge of their seats for the next book to be published. The Dear Mr. Albert series is also used for educational purposes. Students will learn about disabilities and the importance of our countries veterans, while learning many new vocabulary words!