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Death in Coimbra

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

Imagine yourself, a lord at the court of Portugal’s King Pedro. Now you must kiss the hand of Inês, newly crowned queen – and six years dead. The Tudors of England have nothing on the royals of medieval Iberia. In Portugal, long before Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, Pedro and Inês lived and died in a tale of jealousy and revenge most bloody and tragic. Pedro's father nearly lost his crown to a bastard sibling. A loyal courtier, Gonçalves, rescues the crown earning the undying, unquestioning loyalty of the king. In turn, Gonçalves, provides young Pedro with guidance and comfort living under the rigid moral code of his father's court. Pedro, an only son, is set to marry for the crown needs heirs. The arrival of the Lady Inês sets in motion a series of events driving father and son apart. When you can't talk to your father bad things can happen.
Winner First Place Prize in Chanticleer's Chaucer Competition

Death in Coimbra was awarded a First Place finish last Thursday evening Chanticleer International Book Awards in the Chaucer Category for pre-1750 Historical Fiction.