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James Maxstadt
Death Lessons
Lilly is a young girl playing outside her house in Capital City when she sees her neighbor pass through his door, literally. Also, his feet aren’t touching the ground and he floats down the steps, never actually touching them. For most children, the sight of such a thing would cause panic. But for Lilly? She’s curious more than anything else and helps him reach his final destination. Lilly is a necromancer, even if she doesn’t know what that is yet. After a summer of trying to keep it to herself, she gets found out, and her parents send her to a new school, the Academy. Here, she’ll learn how to use her magic, as well as reading, writing, and arithmetic. During her seven years in the magic school, Lilly makes great friends, a couple of rivals, and even an enemy or two. She meets strange beings that she never knew the existence of and, most importantly, discovers just how much she has to learn. From the pages of the Duke Grandfather Saga, it’s Lilly’s turn to tell her stories. Come along to the Academy for a fun, fast-paced, magical experience. Book One of Lilly the Necromancer.