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E.J. Simon
Death Logs In
E.J. Simon, author
Only one person can help Michael Nicholas stay alive. That person is dead. Alex Nicholas was a Queens based underworld boss whose murder was set up by Sharkey, a faded Mafioso. Alex's straight-laced CEO brother Michael inherits his business, and a world of problems - including Sharkey, whose recent attempt on Michael’s life left incriminating evidence. Sharkey needs Michael dead. Michael needs protection – he hires assassin Sindy Steele as bodyguard; she becomes his lover - threatening Michael’s twenty year marriage. Before Alex died, he invested heavily in the development of an artificial intelligence software program so that he might live forever. It worked, and Michael finds the computer. In his now virtual form, Alex can access information and monitor people in ways that would make the NSA squirm. Alex discovers that Vatican officials are hiding Sharkey in Rome - payback for a secret assignment he performed years ago, arranging the murders of young men who were going to testify against an influential priest. Until Michael is eliminated, Sharkey will never be able to return to the U.S. - he enlists further help from the Vatican to ensure Michaels demise. The hunt is on. As Michael and Sindy travel around the world expanding the gaming business, he and Alex work together to eliminate Sharkey - but they quickly realize Sharkey isn’t the only one looking to kill Michael. Alex’s access and information are essential to Michael, but can he thread together the elements of this elaborate plot in time to save his brother from a hunter that is closer than anyone realizes. As action-packed, fast-paced, and brutally realistic as it gets, Simon’s latest page-turner is the follow up to his best-selling debut Death Never Sleeps. This startling look at artificial intelligence opens your eyes to many realities you thought were only in your dreams.