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Death Walkers: Shamanic Psychopomps, Earthbound Ghosts, and Helping Spirits in the Afterlife Realm
Nobody gets out of this life alive—really? In fact we do, it’s just a different life. But some poor souls stay stuck on the earthly plane, delaying their next adventure. Ghosts are real. But why do they stick around? What do they want? What motivates them? With what consequences? Are they good for you and me? What can they teach us about life and afterlife? Shamans throughout the ages have found answers to these questions during their psychopomping soul-trips to heal and escort trapped discarnate souls to the other side. Author David Kowalewski, PhD, breaks new ground in paranormal studies, offering an inside look at this ancient craft by way of cross-cultural research, shamanic protocols, and personal experiences. Find out what happens at death, your life’s most important moment after birth, and beyond. If you liked Ghost Whisperer, you’ll love Death-Walkers.