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Death With Dignity
Her father was the most notorious con man of the twenty-first century. She was the FBI agent who brought him down. After leaving the FBI, Sam plans to return almost a billion dollars to her father's many victims, and she's enlisted the help of ex-Navy Seal, Henry Samuels. Henry's happy to have landed the job but he has a secret he's determined to keep from Sam. From his jail cell, her father has issued a "hit" on the person who stole his money and Sam needs Henry to watch her back. Together they travel to Portland, Oregon to bring restitution to the first of her father's victims. But they find the first victim accused of murdering his wife and Sam sets out to prove his innocence before returning the swindled cash. Meanwhile, they become suspects in a second murder and struggle to stay under the radar of the Portland police. But Sam's attempts at misdirection only adds to the homocide detective's suspicion and leads them further into a quagmire of lies and deceit. With the help of White Cloud, a Native American taxi driver, Sam and Henry discover that nothing is as it seems to be and danger lurks in the most unexpected places. Can she expose the real culprit behind the cancer patient's death or was it a mercy killing? Can Sam dodge the attempts of two men intent on claiming the hit money?