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Ellery Fenn
Ellery Fenn, author

Homecoming was supposed to be Lisa’s perfect night. She didn’t factor in being murdered.

Now she’s a ghost, bent on revenge. Only a couple problems. Her body’s gone, eaten by a zombie named Corrie. And her killer? He’s the son of the county commissioner, and Lake Oswego’s golden boy. One dead girl can’t possibly bring him to justice.

Two dead girls, however, is a different story. Lisa and Corrie team up despite the zombie’s betrayal. Death has a way of changing people, and their shaky alliance quickly turns into something more. Something that will change them both for the better. And the deader.

A thrilling YA paranormal romance, perfect for fans of Before I Fall, If I Stay, and The Graveyard Book.

This book contains moderately graphic depictions of sexual assault, violence, and murder, as well as language, extensive discussion of sexual assault and rape, and brief mentions of self-harm.