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Debunking Myths Around African Talent

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Africans are among the earliest inventors and innovators in world history. Slavery and colonisation, however, forced them to believe the contrary and to think they are an inferior race that has never invented, and cannot invent anything. Some achievements by African people in ancient times are presented and illustrated in this book, attesting that their genius was actually prolific before the Greeks became accustomed to the arts and sciences. Today, African inventors prove that their talent is still at work, and several of their inventions are illustrated in each of the 7 industries developed in this book (from aerospace to robotics). The manufacturing process of these inventions is also outlined per industry, and scenarios that could incite African inventors to work together to industrialise their continent are also delineated. In a world of negativity, Debunking Myths around African Talent is an absorbing mix of selected historical facts and more recent experiments which attempts to offer positive motivation for the invention of great things that will propel Africa into the industrial and economic arena as a force to be reckoned with.

Keith C. Holmes (Author)

I know your family and the ancestors are happy about your book bringing much needed truths about the role and importance of African inventors. I love the book cover, it is striking and has a commanding presence and respect.

In a quick review of the book, Mr. Massamba has tied the historical role of Ancient African innovators and inventors' accomplishments to today's inventions. This book is a must read and should be a part of every classroom and library globally.

Mr. Massamba citing of the "Doll Experiment", is a classic example of Black people being disenfranchised from their great historical culture and heritage through negative conditioning reinforcement. There is no doubt that Africans and people of color innovators and inventors have and will continue to play an important role in the development of science and technology. Thank you Rudy Massamba for researching and writing this book.

Matsebe Lucas Lekalakala (Author)

The cover-page of the book, Debunking Myths Around African Talent is scientifically designed. The global blue-coloured and crystal shape surrounded by different white planets does not need a scientist to prove what type of contents are in the book.

The title of the book causes curiosity and holds the attention of the reader. The two words “Debunking” (used as a verb) and “Myth” (which is a noun) are eye-catching because they compel a reader to open the book and read it further. The author, Rudy L. Massamba chose the title intelligently. Therefore, he uses the title in a negation form so as to contradict or deny a statement or allegation regarding the African talent.

In my opinion; the author’s dedication does not encourage only his two daughters but encourages me as well “to investigate the facts about falsification of African history…” and to “always remember that African history did not start with slavery or colonisation.”

In the introduction of the book, Rudy L. Massamba outlines fearlessly how the Blacks were indoctrinated through the educational system. According to him, the situation can only be reversed if “there is a paradigm shift within the educational system.”

On a serious note, I (as a Genealogical Researcher, Author and Educator) view his introduction of the book as a wake-up by Rudy L. Massamba. Therefore, I am in full support of his powerful but sensitive idea – which should be implemented accordingly by all Africans.

Comparatively speaking, all the three chapters in the book are equally important. However, I personally feel that chapter 1 has an edge over the two because it highlights how a wrong perception was implanted in a person’s mind (especially Africans). According to the author, this wrong mind-set was that Black people “are inferior to other races and are unable to invent or create anything.” His point of argument is backed up by two psychological examples he provided. Hence, he refers this wrong perception as “The Mental Destruction of Black People.” At the end of chapter 1, the author nullifies the mind-set created by ‘slavery’ and ‘colonisation’ in the form of “Real Motivation for the Mental Destruction of Black People.”

In my opinion, the main message of the book “Debunking Myths Around African Talent” is that the truth cannot be buried. Therefore, even if one can try and bury the truth, it will resurrect in one way or the other.

Informed by the undisputed facts presented by the author Rudy L. Massamba; I highly recommend the book “Debunking Myths Around African Talent” to be a must-have for everyone. Indeed, it is a very useful resource which will always serve as a scientific and historical reference.

10/04/2017 Features Author Rudy Massamba

Nationwide — Black people tend to think that their “present” is chaotic, because their “past” was not glorious. Without, supposedly, a bright past, as well as a bright present, most people from the African continent, but not only, are convinced that they have no future unless they are guided by other races, mainly the White race.

Debunking Myths Around African Talent by Rudy L. Massamba brings much needed truths about the role and importance of African inventors, and ties the historical role and accomplishments of Ancient African innovators and inventors to contemporary African inventions.


Why is there a negative perception about African inventors?

This perception or belief is due to the fact that the Blacks were indoctrinated through the educational system, in Africa and in the Western World. And this perception is what the author refers to as “The Mental Destruction of Black People” that stems from slavery and colonization.

Debunking Myths Around African Talent, available on Amazon, reminds us that Africa’s true history is exceptional; a reality that the Western World has methodically tried to erase or occult in the world’s collective consciousness. The unfortunate consequence of this denial is that claiming lies as truths about black people, using powerful media, made these lies become truth for humanity!

Can this trend be reversed?

According to the author, this perception can be reversed if there is a paradigm shift within the educational system that will bring about a mind shift. This implies that black people in Africa, America, etc. become in charge of their education so as to restore historical facts from Ancient times to present – as no other people can really be expected to do it for them.

Massamba comments, “The grandeur of the Black race rests on the bosom of the African continent – cradle of humanity.” This is, undeniably, the subliminal message conveyed by the author. “Until Africa rises as a Super Power, black people will have to keep on proving, to the world, that they have talent. While this should not be the case, as they have always had talent,” he adds.

In a world of negativity, this book finally attempts to offer positive motivation for the invention of great things that will propel Africa into the industrial and economic arena as a force to be reckoned with – thanks to the plurality of contemporary African inventors, among others. Indeed, some of these inventors and their inventions are portrayed and grouped in 7 industrial sectors. However, most of them are not yet truly appreciated by Africans themselves; thus the author’s attempt to value and celebrate the African genius.

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About the Author
Rudy L. Massamba is enthusiastic about Africa’s development and writes in English and French. Thus, a new edition of his first book L’Afrique Noire Industrielle (French only) was released on September 2017. He’s also the founder of KUMATOO which is a platform that enables African inventors (from Africa and the diaspora) to exhibit virtually their inventions and innovations.

To visit Rudy’s official web site, visit or visit his blog at

Rudy L. Massamba

Book Trailer - Debunking Myths Around African Talent

This book is based on the Assertion that Africans have never invented anything

Book Trailer - Debunking Myths Around African Talent

Some of the testimonials received from people who have read Debunking Myths Around African Talent are summarized in this video. This is also an opportunity to show my gratitude to those who have taken the time to read my book and share their opinion.

Flipping Pages Book Trailer - Debunking Myths around African Talent

Previewing the inside of the book Debunking Myths around African Talent with this trailer.

Rudy L. Massamba and Keith C. Holmes on Black Inventors

Rudy L. Massamba (Congo Republic) and Keith C. Holmes (USA) are two authors who have each written a book dedicated to Black Inventors.

It appears that the content and book covers show a certain level of "Unconscious Complementarity of the Two Authors". In their combined interviews on separated TV Channels [Africanews] and [Arise News] they share their opinions and ideas about the role and importance of black inventors.


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I was interviewed by Africanews where I shared the reasons that led me to research African inventors (from ancient times to present), as well as the reasons I believe that technology in Africa should not be dissociated from ancestral traditions.