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Defying Control
Sharon Greer, author

Adult; Romance; (Publish)

Zona has blossomed into the daughter most parents would be proud of educated, career oriented, with an awaiting future. All of their beliefs are suddenly shatter when she returns to drug habits of the past getting high as it spills into her work and family life taking her through rehab and back to her parents home in recovery. Just as she's conquering the bitterness of being home, she's broken more when her sister Cynsia lets her read anonymous letters which arrived at her apartment telling all her secrets from college days as her stalker admits resentment and anger toward her family and she later too learns her best girlfriend Luz's jealousy is behind her relapse. The hopes of keeping up with friendly competition in the interest of career and marriage with Cynsia seems doomed until her distant cousins build a brewery business out west and welcome expansion into the city she seems confined to at home. This offers a timely escape back onto a path of freedom and a drugless future with Brett, whose gotten over his distain quietly traded in for the love of his life.