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Delia and Reid
Delia and Reid is about the soul-mate love story of Reid and Delia. Delia is, literally, the most beautiful woman in the world—a pinnacle of human evolution. She's arisen from a privileged Jewish-Australian upbringing in Sydney. Her first marriage, to a surgeon, has been a disaster. The story is told through the isangoma brain of Reid, who remembers how their relationship started and how it progresses. The story includes Reid's memories of other episodes in his life and the other women who've been part of his life. His reflections provide insight into his philosophy on 'reality', which includes the mystery of chance versus fate. The novel is an unusual Australian story arising out of Reid's 'white' South African background and his unusual lifestyle 'popping' between Canberra, particularly 'his' Canberra nightclubs, the homestead horse safari property in the Snowy Mountains, wild places in the Canberra region, and his introduction to life in Sydney with Delia. He works as a lawyer and taxi driver, now and then, to earn money to make ends meet.