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Deliver Us From Honor

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Deliver Us from Honor is the story of sixteen-year-old Adriana Vazanno, a young girl who is brutally raped and left for dead in 1911 Sicily by a man who is seemingly above the law. Adriana knows that bringing him to justice risks the death of her own father–and she is not willing to pay that price. So when her older brother Antonio finds her ravaged and beaten body in the family’s lemon orchard, she swears him to silence. But Adriana’s mother knows the truth of her daughter’s injuries and is overcome with hatred. Realizing that she has no recourse, she invokes the ancient Sicilian rite of vendetta: a revenge killing. She assigns the vendetta to her only son Antonio, who is to be ordained a priest in just a few short months. From Sicily to New York, Deliver Us From Honor is a griping, page-turning story of one Sicilian family’s struggle to escape the revenge of a madman! Turiddu Vanucci is that madman whose wrath is so ignited after a failed attempt on his life – that he vows to kill every last Vazanno living in Sicily!