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Designing Truth, The Audacity of Intention
The City of Zim was originally built as a physical, stationary portal for communication with a number of gods. Many of the architects were diviners of ancient knowledge and wisdom. The design was intended to free human consciousness from attachment to the physical body. Joe chose this location for all of these attributes plus the air of mystery that enshrouded the structures. Here he would introduce Nancy, Don and Paul to the next steps in their shamanic training, begun by Talish several months previous. And while Talish had nurtured her students through their learning, Joe would challenge them to survive.

This new book of Toni's is another bold shove into awareness and intention. We read so many wonderful books and our heads are full of all kinds of answers. But we don't act on any --- we simply look for another book. So in this way, this book is different. It is a story of three students being taught under very mystical conditions, to walk between the worlds [Shamanic training] and it grabbed me and took me along as I read it. Inter-playing my fears with the fears and experiences happening in the book -- I found myself feeling I was in the events that were going on -- and more aware of myself in my world. And with all the questions, there would be answers at just the right time from the guides of the students in the story. This book, this story, these experiences are enrapturing and the book is hard to put down - every page drawing you in. Because you love yourself -- buy this book. I so hope you do -- for you.


"Another amazing life adventure penned by a Master of this realm. Toni has brought a new Light to the wisdom of the ancients in ways that make understanding very palpable. Each character brought to life is reflection of our own journey and as we follow along with their discoveries, we ourselves become more in our own rite. As each page is rich with golden nuggets of truth, I found I had to travel through the pages with a deeper intent to see beyond what I have believed to be true for myself. Each page brought to my awareness the story of me and a new understanding of who and what I truly am. I do not believe this book to be fictional in any sense but a treatise on our own evolution and what is possible at any given moment if we were to only view ourselves with new eyes. With each change of intent within the characters I became hungry for their experience believing that all that they experienced is definitely possible for me. I completely encourage anyone to read this book. Leave all expectations behind. Toni will take you on a ride that you have never been on before and will leave you breathless at the end. What you will discover will change the landscape of your life forever."

Vira Parisi

A Crash Course to the Next Level of Awareness:
What an INCREDIBLE JOURNEY. A catalyst of a book that talks to you in the exact spiritual language that is understood by the divine essence within you. You immerse into each character and experience to find yourself learning the lessons of   remembering the power and audacity of intention right along with them. Every character is a perfect guide and teacher through the multidimensional worlds.  Sparks of light happen inside and you realize that every moment along with the experiences of past, present and future make perfect sense, helping you to complete your circle with love.
You understand the meaning of, as Toni says, "to make the invisible, visible."