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Desire Makes the Difference: A Memoir
JASMINE CARRIETTÉ is smart, curious, driven, from the conservative South. Her parents' hostility pushed her into an early unsuitable marriage. She sought escape. So they sought to commit her to an asylum. Fortunately for us, Carrietté kept this starkly honest, insightful, elegant record of her life. Her warmth, perspective, and humor are unique. A gifted writer, a serious thinker, an educated woman born before her time who was taught she was unworthy, Carrietté chronicles with breathtaking clarity her struggle to grow, understand, and connect. Be prepared. Carrietté confronts sex head-on. Not to titillate or wallow in the lurid, but to reflect upon that difficult and magical connection that makes us vulnerable—and human. Despite academic backing and friends’ urgings, early emotional wounds left her unable to publish. Now, in her 80s, Carrietté takes that courageous leap. We're the beneficiaries in this deeply personal story of loss, sex, death, affirmation, and most importantly, self-respect and love.