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Detention Site BLACK

Adult; Political & Social Sciences; (Market)

After the terrorist attacks on US on September 11, 2001, US President Bush declares „war on terror” with al Qaida. In December 2001, al Qaida's leader, Osama Bin Laden, manages to escape US forces who tackled the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and runs to Pakistan.  In November 2002, President Bush visits Romania to welcome her into NATO, while CIA is negotiating with the National Security Adviser of the Romanian President a location for the „black site” in Bucharest. Al Qaida leaders, called High Value Targets, are arrested by the CIA partners in various places around the globe: Khaled Sheik Mohamed in Pakistan, Abdul al Nashiri in Dubai, Faraj Libi in Pakistan, Hassan Ghul in Iraq. They are handed to the CIA. The detainees are interrogated using Enhanced Interrogation Techniques in the so called „black sites” prisons outside US territory, in order to obtain information on future attacks on the US homeland. The EITs consists mainly in waterboarding, walling, sleep deprivation.


The detainees are first interrogated in „black sites” in Afghanistan, Thailand, Poland. From September 2003, the detainees are brought for interrogation in DETENTION SITE BLACK in Bucharest. The detainees brought to Detention Site Black are: KSM (the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks), Nashiri (the mastermind of the attack on USS Cole), Libi, Hassan Ghul, Janat Gul and Bin al Shibh (one of the operatives of the 9/11 attacks). The interrogations resulted in some leads in the hunt for al Qaida's leader, Osama Bin Laden. In October 2005, CIA learned that „Washington Post” will publish an article about the „black sites”. President Bush tries to stop it. He and „Washington Post” executive director have a conversation in the Oval Office, but the President fails to convince Len Downie not to publish the article. After the publication of the article, Romanian President asks the CIA Station in Bucharest to close the „black site” in 72 hours, as Romania signed the Accession Agreement with the European Union. CIA moves the detainees from Romania to other „black sites” in Lithuania and Afghanistan, and finally to Guantanamo prison. One of the detainees held in Detention Site Black, al Nashiri, sues Romania at the European Court of Human Rights in 2011 for violating his rights. As a result, the Romanian prosecutors open an inquiry during which the former Presidential Adviser is heard as a witness. He denies any wrongdoings. The inquiry is still pending. The Council of Europe and the European Parliament opens investigations on the black sites. The reports raise serious questions about the black sites and asks the Romanian Parliament to investigate the matter, but the Inquiry Committee does not find any trace of the black site here. President Bush publicly acknowledges the existence of the CIA rendition program in September 2006. The hunt for Bin Laden ends in May 2011 with an US Special Forces Operation that kills the al Qaida's leader. In 2018, ECHR reached the conclusion that the detention centre known as Detention Site Black, one of the places where al Nashiri had been held, was located in Romania.