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Different Marketing Collaterals That the Banking & Finance Industry Can Use
Ethan Lee, contributor
The fundamental truth of any business organization is to grow their business. Whether the business is a financial service provider or a brick-and-mortar store – marketing collaterals are very important. Marketing collateral should provide important information to the customers about the type of business, products or services, etc which can help the customers to remember your business and make an informed decision before availing the services.

> For the financial industry, there are many effective marketing types of collateral that can help them in sales and boosting profit. Studies have shown that financial services industries are taking the help of printing companies like fifty-five printing in order to create market utilities that focus on client-centric functions and services.

Doing a little bit of research can help you to see that the financial sector development plays an important role in the economic development which in turn can help in the economic growth. The following print materials can be used by the financial institutions.

Brochure: The increased pressure and limited access to resources are often faced by the financial institutions. A brochure can act as a portfolio that can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial institutions as not brokers but traders. You must invest in a brochure that can help you to provide the vital facts to the targeted people.

EDDM: Financial institutions like banks can hold events in order to make people aware of their different services. Holding events can help to build a strong relationship with prospects. The one-to-one communication can help the prospects to know the business in a better way. In order to invite people to the events, every door direct mailings can be of great help. Every door direct mail can help to impress the clients and also get more exposure.

Postcards: It is important to get noticed. The postcards can help the business house to attract the attention of the viewers. If you are in the finance industry, you must make sure you use high-quality postcards which are usually provided by printing companies like fifty five printing. It can help any financial institution to speak about their special functions that can help to keep the economy and the financial system stable. Discussion in the form of Infographics can help the people to take interest in it and go through the content.

Presentation Folders: If your financial institute offers a wide array of products and services then it is important to provide the vital information to the customers. Customized presentation folders with company name and logo and a pamphlet with business objectives can make the prospects happier and reason to prefer you.

Other Tools: Banks can give out promotional items like printed rack card holders to the prospective clients in order to let people know about their services. Banners are ideal advertising tools for the financial institutes. The banners can showcase a company’s tagline along with the company name and logo for attracting viewers and create publicity.

Just like the websites, the marketing collaterals are imperative for the financial institutions. Print materials offer something more tangible and it helps to increase the credibility of the business house, business validity, and the professionalism.