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Dinner with Doppelgangers
“Colleen Wells captures the essence of living with bipolar as a young adult through parenthood…A must read for anyone experiencing or living with someone who is diagnosed with a mental health disorder.” -Alison Leslie, LCSW, Bloomington, Indiana From Wordpool Press, in beautifully crafted prose, comes Dinner with Doppelgangers - A True Story of Madness and Recovery by Colleen Wells, the story of one woman’s struggle with profound depression and mania, the hallmarks of bipolar disorder. Wells, who was diagnosed with bipolar I and anxiety, among other disorders, recounts her struggle with mental disease, and its effects on her family and friends. She does this with bare, broken phrases that rattle and shock the mind. With highs, lows and hospital visits blurred by medications, the poetic text explores in uncompromising honesty how mental illness can affect family, friends, and self.