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Dirty Little Wars: The Barcelona Assassin
N Ludzin, author
I’ve heard the thunder of battlefields, the seductive whispers of ruthless killers, and the tortured confessions of men who are about to die. But, by far, the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced is the silence of Valentin Popov. An ex-KGB analyst and genius wunderkind, Popov comes from the old empire, and his dreams are darker than I’d ever imagined. Once, he was like an uncle to me, my dear dyadya. Now, he is being hunted, and the CIA has dictated that I must cooperate with a secretive intelligence officer from the Spanish CNI---a man I don’t trust---to reach Popov before an assassin does. The problem is, neither man may be what he seems, and I know I'm stepping right into the line of fire.