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Dirty Little Wars: The Moscow Escape
N Ludzin, author
Thief. Liar. Spy. I was born to wealth. I was born to power. I was granted access to the secret lives of the most dangerous people in the world; the same people that Western governments now pay me to betray. I’m an intelligence agent living within the decadent circles of ruthless Russian crime bosses and rich oligarchs. It’s the kind of position that gets people killed, but I enjoy the risk. Maybe I even need it. When an asset in Moscow calls for help, I know I might be walking into a trap. I know that there will be no rescue, no team sent to find me, no diplomatic effort to secure my release. If caught, I will vanish like so many others that have dared to defy the Russian elite. Another voice silenced. Another story erased; my secrets and ghosts—and the passionate memory of the lovers who have attempted to fill the empty spaces between—lost to the dystopia seething just under the surface of all that Russian glitter. A reckoning is coming, and ultimately, I know this is a game I will lose.