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Disgrace of the Unicorn's Honor (Andy Smithson Book Three)
LRW Lee, author
Andy Smithson, now twelve, discovers more than he bargained for when his parents reveal his mom's past and he realizes she will die when he breaks the curse he has been chosen to vanquish from the land of Oomaldee, unless he intervenes. Andy returns from Lake Hills, TX to Oomaldee for the third time to find its citizens on edge after many have been turned into vulture-people by the evil King Abaddon. With two calamities to address and time of the essence, Andy and his company embark upon a quest they hope will resolve one situation. But when a seductive voice calls to Andy, tempting him to exchange the object of their quest for a promise to preserve his mom, Andy's love and loyalty are tested. Will he be able to stop the transformation of Oomaldee’s citizens? Will he jeopardize his ability to end the curse to save Mom?