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Divorce, Simply Stated

           Divorce, Simply Stated is a uniquely engaging “how-to” book for individuals going through divorce or child custody/access cases.  It helps readers choose between traditional “court-based” divorce and alternative dispute resolution, and teaches readers how to choose and work efficiently with divorce lawyers and other professionals.  It covers legal and financial aspects of matters such as child support, spousal support, property settlement, and child custody and access.  It also supplies a veteran divorce lawyer’s practical advice for saving money on legal and other divorce expenses, understanding tax code opportunities and pitfalls, avoiding common divorce mistakes, learning how to testify effectively, learning organization and paralegal skills, and caring for oneself and one’s children during divorce.

Divorce, Simply Stated Becomes Amazon #1 Best Seller

Larry Sarezky's Divorce, Simply Stated has achieved #1 best-seller status in 3 Kindle Family Law categories including "Divorce and Separation."  

Divorce, Simply Stated is a unique “how-to” book of divorce basics supplemented with rarely discussed techniques for achieving more, worrying less and saving money in divorce and other family court cases.

 “I wanted to offer more than the standard divorce how-to book but at the same time, not drown readers in more information than they need,” says Sarezky. “At this point in my career, I decided to share the strategies that have helped my clients achieve their goals and avoid the mistakes that plague too many divorcing spouses. I’m hoping that by offering the book at no cost for a short time on it will get into the hands of some of the folks who need it most. The book will be available for free on June 9th, 10th, and 11th only.

To that end, the book includes unique features such as a chapter called “Divorce Pearls & Perils: Secrets of Saving Money and Avoiding Mistakes” and another on “Divorce Fact-Checking,” which debunks divorce myths that Sarezky has seen prevent too many divorcing spouses from achieving their goals.

Saving money is a major theme of “Divorce, Simply Stated.” Not shy about poking fun at his colleagues—or sharing their secrets—Sarezky explains lawyers’ billing practices and how to avoid huge legal bills that compound — rather than solve — clients’ problems. He also discusses additional opportunities for savings, including taking advantage of special divorce tax rules and a “be-your-own-paralegal” strategy for readers to organize their own cases much the way trial lawyers do.

“The nuggets in the chapter on ‘Divorce Pearls and Perils’ alone will save you thousands of dollars -- and your sanity!” says California attorney Terry McNiff, author of “Picture Your Divorce to See The Right Decisions.” Adds Joanie Winberg, CEO of The National Association of Divorce for Women and Children, “This book is a masterpiece! Only Larry Sarezky could have written a book with all the divorce essentials plus priceless strategies not found anywhere else.”