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  • 11/2015
  • 9780996926706 B016QM5TJM
  • 365 pages
  • $7.99
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  • 01/2016
  • 9780996926713 B016QM5TJM
  • 364 pages
  • $15.99
D. Alyce Domain
Author, Service Provider
Dominic's Nemesis

Adult; Romance; (Market)

When Tortured Souls Collide… In an unforgiving society where the hint of madness is all the damning proof men need, Dominic Ambrosi struggles to live a peaceful life, away from prying eyes, and damning innuendo. Gifted with uncanny abilities, yet also cursed with the taint of madness, Dominic must walk a fine line. After the horror of his past, his fractured soul is safe only in solitude…until one day, his refuge is irrevocably breached by an ethereal beauty haunted by demons of her own. He is torn between protecting himself and his brothers from exposure and persecution and following the desires of his heart…
A Life Through Books Blog

I liked how the title really fit the novel, just not in the way I thought it would. Dominic is a very complicated character and he was someone I enjoyed getting into the head of. He is cursed and deals with a lot and the ups and downs that come with that are a bit hearbreaking. 

The setting was very well done in this novel. I felt like I was in this eerie place with him.

I loved that there was a bit of redemption in the novel and the use of Love to help combat the darkness. 

Amazon Review

Domain has created a mysterious magical world full of danger. Her characters are faced with dark histories and magical abilities that even they do not fully understand. Throughout the course of the novels, pieces of the puzzle come together to shed light on the many secrets the book contains. An interesting thing about the way in which the book is written is the multiple perspectives. The chapters switch perspectives between a number of characters, but for the most part, stick to our hero and heroine. What makes this interesting is that our heroine, Eden, does not understand the secrets in which she is surrounded, we discover and learn alongside her. Our hero, Dominic, on the other hand, has more answers than any other single character in the book. But from his perspective, we are only ever given tiny glimpses of his secrets, just enough to make us even more curious than before.

The most alluring part of the book for me was the family relationships that Domain created. The complex relationships shared by the six brothers being the center point of this. While all being immersed in a world or tortured pasts, dark secrets, and magical powers, the boys genuinely care for each other and are protective of one another. While they have a difficult relationship built from different fathers, an insane mother and a long, forced separation, the six of them still form a tight unit. Domain is successful in writing the relationship between siblings as something that is full of love but also full of disagreements, standing up to each other, and standing up for each other. While the romance of the story may sometimes take the central focus, the bond of brothers is ever present.

This book is able to successfully create an interesting magical system, giving the characters mysterious and powerful abilities while still creating rules that keep them from being all powerful. By the end of the book, we are given many answers but pieces are still left open just enough to pull me to the next book in the series, Gabriel’s Demons, which has a tentative release schedule for the summer of 2017. This book was an interesting, creative and exciting read that pulled together romance, magic, and mystery together wonderfully. This is a quick read and great for anyone interested in gothic romance, I am excited to read more of Domain’s work in the future!

Behind Closed Doors Blog

Guest reviewer JM here. I am reviewing D. Alyce Domain’s book Dominic’s Nemesis. Dominic’s Nemesis is a great read. It was a page turner with interesting characters. With that said, if you are looking for erotic action, this is not it. It takes to almost half-way through the book to get to a nipple, and the best description of men’s genitalia is calling it a “bratwurst.”
Set in 1800, Eden is a young woman with no family. She is sad and sees things that her English society would consider her a bit crazy (as in lock her up). She falls in despair and takes an almost tragic dip in Dominic Ambrosi’s pond. Dominic’s doctor brother fishes her out, and Dominic transports her by astral projection to his country estate.

As Eden recovers, we learn about the charming and gifted residents of the estate. Each brother has a supernatural gift (although one brother denies having a gift). Eden is drawn in by the eccentric family and develops a deep connection to the mysterious Dominic. I admit to being a bit vague as this book’s real power is in keeping the reader guessing as to what each person is capable and how that intersects with the story.
Dominic’s Nemesis has intrigue, action, and romance along with lots of family secrets. It was a page turner that never let up. Yes, there is a little sex, but not to the level this Blog usually aspires. One aspect I enjoyed was the writer assumes the reader has a brain with a reasonable vocabulary. D. Alyce Domain uses language in a create way that is both engaging and intelligent.

There are a few possible triggers in this book. There are a few incidents of violence towards women including rape and torture of a young boy (neither are very descriptive or used as entertainment). Much of Eden’s family is dead including one person we get briefly attached to at the beginning of the book. Additionally, Eden’s remaining relatives are insensitively dismissive and see Eden as an emotional burden (Eden has financial means). There are a few scenes in an asylum that are true to the period as they are dirty and uncaring towards the patients. Finally, there is a large amount of discussion of suicide and mental illness. Both of these are handled when with the main characters with care, but it is pervasive.
I look forward to the next addition of the Ambrosi Legacy!

Cricket (Nichole Renae)

WOW! This novel is the first opportunity I have had to read author D. Alyce Domain, and I can quite honestly say, this will not be the last I read from her. I found the story to be very detailed and intriguing, and kept me awake long into the night, absorbed. Each of the characters introduced were both damaged and heroic, and ultimately highly relatable. I found Eden to be a delightful enigma, and Dominic to be a perfect match for her. She appears under mysterious circumstances. Strange things begin to happen around her, and no one is sure what to make of it. Yet when Dominic steps up to the task of uncovering this enigmatic beauty, he knows he will need every trick in his rather extensive book to save her. But can he do it before it’s too late? I did receive a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

My Reading Addiction Blog


An eerily beautiful Gothic Romance. These characters are so wonderfully written that they draw the reader in from the very beginning. D. Alyce Domain has managed to weave a haunting tale with aspects of Paranormal / Gothic /Romance but also quite a bit of history as well. Full of suspense and surprises. A great read! 

Novel News Network Blog


This novel was quite different than I was expecting but a thrilling read nonetheless.

I enjoyed the flow of the novel and the authors writing style as a whole.

I felt like the characters were very easy to understand and become connected to as well.

A solid Paranormal/Gothic Romance.

Paranormal Romance Guild

Dominic Ambrosi likes his peace and quiet, far from the strain of madness that seems to run in his family. He has secrets he’s not talked about outside of his brothers, who seem to have some of the same “gifts” he has, to one extent or another.

His world turns upside down after one of his brothers rescues a drowning woman and calls him to help. Dominic brings her to his home and finds she may have tried to commit suicide. She just may be as mad as he fears he’s becoming. But he falls for her and also finds that she has more than just a madness she is dealing with, she may also be “gifted”.

Faced with not only a strange woman but a couple of adversaries who are trying to find out just what is going on in the Ambrosi household, Dominic’s life begins to spin out of control, threatening to bring back long-buried ghosts.

I liked Dominic’s Nemesis. It is an interesting story and the author, D. Alyce Domain, managed to keep my attention from the first. The characters are well crafted and remind me of the regency and gothic characters I grew up reading, authors like Charlotte Bronte, Victoria Holt, and Georgette Heyer. The conversations and narration in the book are in that style, an older read than most of the new forms of both Regency and Gothic writing.

The development of the major arch of the series, the “gifts” that the Ambrosi family has, is well rounded and documented. You get the information in small amounts, throughout the book, which leads the reader to want to know more.

I really loved this book and want to read more about the Ambrosi family in the future.

Reviewed by Ruthless Bookfish

This review is from: Dominic's Nemesis (The Ambrosi Legacy Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

I loved this book.

There are some strange things going on with Eden. Dominic and his brothers have some idea that all isn’t well with her. I loved how accepting Eden was of Dominic.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat as it became more and more clear, on what was happening with Eve. Stephen could tell what was going on. I had anxiety every time Dominic misinterpreted what he was seeing with Eve. The ending where all the brothers came together was awesome. They all got to battle an old demon haunting them, most of all Dominic.

I really loved it. Dominic and Eve were so great together. I do hope the other brothers get their own stories.

**** I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book****

Texas Book Nook Blog


Be prepared to become addicted to this story from the very beginning. D. Alyce Domain has created characters who are engaging and creepy. The story itself has so many aspects you would not expect. Yes, its a Gothic Story, but there is Romance, History, and so much more woven throughout. 

The twists and surprises are plenty and will keep you flipping pages til the very end. 

The Broke Book Bank Blog

I received a free copy from Enchanted Book Promotions on May 6th in exchange for a review within a month.

Dominic’s Nemesis is a sexy historical gothic paranormal romance. If I had to pick one, I’d say it’s best if you like gothic novels because Dominic’s Nemesis has it all:

The term Gothic fiction refers to a style of writing that is characterized by elements of fear, horror, death, and gloom, as well as romantic elements, such as nature, individuality, and very high emotion. These emotions can include fear and suspense.
Much of the literature involved monsters, such as vampires, who brought suffering and death to the forefront.

And as a heads up: it is erotic with graphic sex scenes. I enjoyed them and thought Eden’s perspective was adorable. It rang true with being that ignorant and naïve in a way I haven’t read in a book before.

It did take a smidgen of time to become caught up in Dominic’s Nemesis only because I had to adjust. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into and it started with a bang. Keeping all the brother’s straight was not fun, but it became easier, especially when their adeptness came out.
Dominic and Eden do have an instalove connection but I don’t hold it against them. This time.

Why? I think I just liked them that much, especially together, they did grow and overcome stuff together to be a solid couple and admittedly, the time period factors. This kind of whirlwind romance worrying with these social issues don’t happen in most countries today.

I LOVED flipping between Dominic and Eden’s perspectives. For me that really helps build the attraction. If it was only Eden’s voice, I’d be wondering WTF is Dominic’s problem and why Eden even likes him and vice versa.

Beyond that, I liked how the paranormal aspect was incorporated and balanced with romance. I didn’t feel one aspect was overcrowding the other.

There isn’t much as to why, how, or details on how adeptness is or works exactly but with the professor’s addition, I think that’s forthcoming. This lack, however, isn’t a flaw or a problem. There’s enough here to understand and be intrigued for the sequel to find out more.
There’s a couple subplots that weave seamlessly together for Dominic’s Nemesis and open endings galore to pursue.

The only problem with the plot I had was being frustrated when everyone was so slow picking up who The Nemesis was but that’s not a foreseeable problem or a stupid character issue either, they were understandably in denial and scared. After jumping to “Eden’s crazy”, they were gun-shy.

I’d love to Stephen again, he’s easily my second favorite. I hope he starts coping/handling his skill better. At the same time, I’d really like to know the twins since they were mostly end game so we didn’t get much and find out what is going on with Gabriel’s cat, Muse. I do have a theory…

As you can tell, I’m very curious where The Ambrosi Legacy #2 for several different reasons and I am so down for reading the next installment.

P.S. I love authors including questions at the end, helps me gauge what they want/need to know and what to include in my review. :D

The Indie Express Blog

This novel had all of the things I look for in a good Gothic read. I think the setting is very imporant in these novels, you need to feel like you are in a creepy setting and that the characters fit there. I think both Dominic, his curse, and the setting in general really fit into the Gothic Genre. So great job to D. Alyce Domain on bringing that to life. 

The novel itself seemed to flow naturally. There were a lot of ups and downs and moving parts. It seemed well paced overall. 

The Steamy Side Blog

This was a touching novel and really seemed to focus on characterization. I think that is what carried the novel. As a reader I became so in tuned to Dominic and his past and everything he was dealing with. 

There are a lot of additional characters but I really didn't pay much mind to them. They were just people that came and went through the story. 

The fact that it was a Gothic Romance really came through. It was a bit darker and gloomy in the feel. 

Us Girls and a Book Blog

5 starsI was given a book in exchange for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.This is the first book in a new series.  I loved the book and anxiously await the next book.  There are several family members that can have their stories told in subsequent books.  This is the first book I have read by this author and am extremely impressed with her story telling abilities.Dominic is the eldest son of a witch who thought her gifted sons, especially Dominic, were demon possessed.  He wore tinted glasses due to his  heterochroma.  It takes a special girl to break through his protective barriers.This book was a delightful different angle of view.  I really enjoyed this book.  Great job, Ms Alyce!!! 

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What to Expect:  The appearance is an Author Interview on ‘Other Worlds of Romance’, which is a book-centric Radio Talk Show.  The show is taped live.  I will be answering questions, talking a little about my book ‘Dominic’s Nemesis’ and reading an excerpt from the book.  Listeners can access the live feed via the website and listen in…or join the chat room and listen, type questions, etc.  The show’s host will moderate questions via chat room and e-mail.  And questions that she can’t fit in, she will pass along to me and I can answer them after the show.

Interviewer:  Indie author, Linda Mooney.  She writes sensuous romance with a sci-fi, fantasy, and/or paranormal flair.   Find her, her books, and her blog here:

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The Houston Authors Bash is a book signing event which brings Indie and traditionally published authors under one roof.  This year we are celebrating with a masquerade theme, so come out and play with us "mon chérri".

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Representatives from the Trinity University Press will also participate with several of their publications.

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