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Dottie, Primsy and The Skinny Frog

One morning a little girl, DOTTIE, wakes up to find her bedroom had become a garden. She notices a path and as she walks along hears a voice.  A flower, PRIMSY, tells Dottie that it is wonderful to have her in the Forever and Ever Garden.  They play all day. Dottie returns to the garden every day until one day she couldn't find Primsy. A garden statue, THE SKINNY FROG, comes to life and tells Dottie that Primsy is on another adventure and that Primsy asked The Skinny Frog to tell Dottie that she will always be with her.  The Skinny Frog explains to Dottie that the garden is growing new flowers so it was time for Primsy to move on. The Skinny Frog points to Dottie's heart and tells her that Primsy is right there with her all the time.  Just like the Forever and Ever Garden lives on Primsy will forever live on in Dottie's heart.