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Double Identity
Romance, Deceit, Murder and Revenge It’s 1974, and life is just about to get very interesting for 26 year-old, bright, blond and identical twins, Gillian and Julianne Allenwerth. Raised 5,000 miles apart by their divorced parents—French champagne vintner Cecile Cardin and American billionaire art collector Paul Allenwerth, Gillian grew up in luxury in New York City, while Julianne was raised in artsy, cheerful hardship in Reims, France. As girls, Julianne and Gillian shared twenty perfect Augusts together in the French vineyard, dreaming that their parents might reconcile, but that is not to be. Secrets of their WWII pasts sadly divide Cecile and Paul up to their premature deaths. Gillian and Julianne inherit their parents’ dark secrets and wealth. Along with her father’s huge fortune, Gillian wields tremendous power as CEO of Allenwerth Assets in New York and Paris; but her disastrous marriage to a ruthless fortune hunter only brings her humiliation and pain. Julianne finds great satisfaction as a wine maker, and passionate, true love with a great French chef but it arrives too late. Through terrible challenges, great highs, lows, and bizarre twists of circumstances, the twins finally experience the joy that has eluded them separately as their dual lives come together as one.