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Dressing a Tiger

Adult; Memoir; (Publish)

A father in the Mob, a couple of hit men, a Secret Service uncle, famous politicians, a mother in need of shock therapy and a kid who eavesdrops on it all makes for a unique childhood. Jack Dahlstrom’s prior knowledge of the Kennedy assassination and his friendships with Jack Ruby, John Connally, Henry Wade and infamous Mafia bosses such as Carlo Gambino, Sam Giancana and Paul Castellano is a story untold before now. Maggie’s babysitters were hit men that took over when her mother became emotionally unhinged after a drunk driver put her brother in a coma. As a negotiator for the Teamsters Union and High-ranking Associate of the Mob, her father (Dahlstrom) collected an impressive array of intriguing friends and Mafia secrets that were never meant to see the light of day. Maggie San Miguel has just opened the blinds.