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Aleks Matza
Early Opposition to the English Novel: The Popular Reaction from 1760-1830
Aleks Matza, editor (anthology)
This classic book, originally published in 1943 and reissued exclusively for Kindle, combines Dr. John Tinnon Taylor's thorough scholarship and keen observations into a critical examination of an oft-neglected period in the proliferation and dissemination of fiction in England. That the nascent English novel was disdained by the clergy and intellectuals alike was as much a reflection of the rise and education of the middle class as was the fear that such books would have a deleterious effect on Britain’s rigid class system. Drawing upon an abundance of contemporary commentaries, Dr. Taylor gives voice to notable personalities and writers who railed against the dubious merits of reading for amusement and instruction and who were especially candid in their belief in the novel’s harmful effects upon women, singled out as being the most susceptible to the dangerous thoughts that sensational prose inspired. The opinions and arguments the author presents throughout this book are deftly woven into a sharp narrative, and its issues are just as relevant today as they were two centuries ago. Author and editor Aleks Matza has adapted this valuable and scholarly work for Kindle and for a new generation of readers with the permission and assistance of the author's daughter Ann Taylor Ramey.