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Eat Like You're NAKED...14 Day Detox
Eating clean is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle. With any lifestyle change, there’s a commitment which takes dedication to one’s self. EAT Like You’re NAKED...14 Day Detox does not require you to starve yourself , take any capsules, and/or liquid formulas to cleanse the body. NO! This is a wholesome, nutritious detox which guides you into transitioning into a more energized lifestyle by helping to eliminate cravings, removing toxins and unhealthy fats stored in the body. Detoxing the Natural Way Is Simple, It’s all about changing your relationship in how you consume food, using food as fuel. With encouragement, meal plans, shopping lists, and the do’s and don'ts for the plan , EAT Like You’re NAKED...14 Day Detox provides you with comprehensive tools to sustain a healthy life and achieve weight loss.