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Edited Out – A Carmen Ramirez Mystery, New Edition
Lisa Haddock, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Carmen Ramirez, 24, a fledgling copy editor, gets her first big break — working on a second-anniversary spread about the killing of a 12-year-old girl. The child's body is discovered at the home her teacher, a closeted lesbian who commits suicide shortly after the murder. After challenging the inaccurate, homophobic coverage, Carmen is pulled off the project. Undaunted, Carmen searches for the truth — a decision that risks her job and her life. Meanwhile, a chance meeting at the newspaper library brings Carmen the prospect of new love. Julia, tall, athletic, and funny with zero credentials as a lesbian, turns on the charm as she pursues Carmen. Misunderstandings, vulnerability, and tenderness give way to fiery passions. In this new edition of Edited Out, prior readers will find new insights into Carmen, Julia, and others. Readers, new and old will relate to Edited Out’s themes of homophobia and racism — prejudices that plague us to this day. This mystery weaves together a story of love, loyalty, and the fight for justice.