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After centuries of male dominance, women finally realize that the childlike, narcissistic, war-mongering, domineering men need to be removed from power for the planet to survive. The female leaders of this massive movement create a system and a new society that attracts and lures all men to large compounds called “Islands,” cutting them completely off from the rest of civilization. Due to the appeal of an easy life and a promise of sizeable monetary compensation, thousands upon thousands of men walk into these “Islands” voluntarily, recognizing that their gender and existence would be from then on under total feminine control. In men giving up control, the planet was given a chance to prosper in peace and harmony. However, since women still need men for procreation, sex, and manual labor, the new system provides for certain classes of men: SEEDERS for procreation, NIGHTERS for sex, and HELPERS for manual work. The new leaders permit men, who are trained for these specific functions, back into society strictly on a limited basis to perform these particular tasks.

Thirty years after this system has been implemented, a group of female friends uncovers that the movement leaders are genetically controlling procreation, not permitting the birth of boys, aiming towards the total extermination of the male gender. Therefore, this group of women unites to find a solution.

It’s intriguing, exciting, and romantic - A dystopian sci-fi story of friendship and romance. Given the events evolving in today’s world, it’s pretty timely and will expand the readers’ imagination on what could be an alternative time. In addition to women finding my novel compelling, men could learn a great deal about the power of women.