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Effeminate Earth
Men have been scientifically proven to be the cause of all troubles on Earth: wars, murders, violence, robberies, everything that is wrong with society. So what should the government do? Slowly eradicate all males of course! After over one hundred years of careful, scientific elimination, the male species is extinct. Sarah Williams, a high-ranking government official in the Department of Scientifically Generated Incubation (SGI) and convicted believer that all males are evil, decides it’s her turn to have a child. But when her child unexpectedly turns out to be a boy, all of her beliefs go out the window and she does everything within her power to hide him from the Department of Male Eradication. Hidden in a secret basement his entire life and shielded from the corrupt society, Abel Williams has never stepped foot outside…until he’s drawn out of his room to save a damsel in distress (sort of). But he never expected to get caught on his first excursion and he definitely didn’t expect to spark a revolution.