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Elves Up North - A Family for Castor
Lori Walters, author
The "Elves Up North - A Family for Castor" - NEW PICTURE VERSION - where the readers are part of the story! Come meet a magical wizard named"The Maestro" and help save Christmas this season for Santa Claus: - Soar through the clouds - Bounce along with your new friend, Misty the mouse - Meet the "Elves of Table 12" - Discover why Castor the Elf is feeling down this year - Search for all the "blue" presents he has wrapped to save Christmas - Help him find a family and learn that sometimes they don't always have to be related - Just don't get hit in the head with the Cod Fish Biscuit whizzing through the air as you go past! (EWWW!!!) Mildly interactive, this story can be read as a bedtime tale with chapter breaks to stop for the night, or as a read out loud for groups to make new yuletide traditions, as even the elderly can participate and get involved. "Elves Up North - A Family for Castor"offers a unique way to enjoy the holidays, while making smiles and new memories along the way with your family and friends.